Rudy Ruiz

Rudy Ruiz
  • Winner of the Jesse H. Jones Award for Best Book of Fiction

    A visionary neo-Western blend of magical realism, mystery, and horror, Valley of Shadows sheds light on the dark past of injustice, isolation, and suffering along the US-Mexico border.

    Solitario Cisneros thought his life was over long ago. He lost his wife, his family, even his country in the late 1870s when the Rio Grande shifted course, stranding the Mexican town of Olvido on the Texas side of the border. He’d made his brooding peace with retiring his gun and badge, hiding out on his ranch, and communing with horses and ghosts. But when a gruesome string of murders and kidnappings ravages the town, pushing its volatile mix of Anglo, Mexican, and Apache settlers to the brink of self-destruction, he feels reluctantly compelled to confront both life, and the much more likely possibility of death, yet again.

    As Solitario struggles to overcome not only the evil forces that threaten the town but also his own inner demons, he finds an unlikely source of inspiration and support in Onawa, a gifted and enchanting Apache-Mexican seer who champions his cause, daring him to open his heart and question his destiny.

    As we follow Solitario and Onawa into the desert, we join them in facing haunting questions about the human condition that are as relevant today as they were back then: Can we rewrite our own history and shape our own future? What does it mean to belong to a place, or for a place to belong to a people? And, as lonely and defeated as we might feel, are we ever truly alone?

    Through luminous prose and soul-searching reflections, Rudy Ruiz transports readers to a distant time and a remote place where the immortal forces of good and evil dance amidst the shadows of magic and mountains.

     New York Times Book Review Paperback Row Selection 

  • En la década de 1950, las tensiones en la ciudad de La Frontera son palpables. Las camisas de boliche y las chaquetas de cuero compiten con las guayaberas y los huaraches. Los convertibles corren al lado de las motocicletas. Sin embargo, en medio de la discordia, el amor joven florece a primera vista entre Fulgencio Ramírez, hijo de inmigrantes empobrecidos, y Carolina Mendelssohn, la hija del farmacéutico local. Pero como pronto descubrirán, sus lazos serán deshechos por una fuerza más poderosa de lo que podrían haber imaginado. Treinta años después de su primer encuentro, Fulgencio Ramírez, lleva a cabo su ritual diario de leer los obituarios locales en su farmacia. Después de casi un cuarto de siglo de espera, Fulgencio descubre la noticia deseada: su némesis, el esposo de Carolina Mendelssohn, ha muerto. Una obra de realismo mágico, La Resurrección de Fulgencio Ramirez entrelaza el pasado y el presente a medida que Fulgencio se esfuerza por tener éxito en los Estados Unidos, romper una maldición mística familiar y recuperar el amor de Carolina después de su condenado romance juvenil. A través de un lenguaje encantador y meditaciones sobre la naturaleza porosa de las fronteras (culturales, geográficas y espirituales), La Resurrección de Fulgencio Ramírez ofrece una visión de cómo el pasado nos ha dividido y cómo el futuro nos podría unir.

  • In the 1950s, tensions remain high in the border town of La Frontera. Penny loafers and sneakers clash with boots and huaraches. Bowling shirts and leather jackets compete with guayaberas. Convertibles fend with motorcycles. Yet amidst the discord, young love blooms at first sight between Fulgencio Ramirez, the son of impoverished immigrants, and Carolina Mendelssohn, the local pharmacist’s daughter. But as they’ll soon find out, their bonds will be undone by a force more powerful than they could have known.

    Thirty years after their first fateful encounter, Fulgencio Ramirez, RPh, is conducting his daily ritual of reading the local obituaries in his cramped pharmacy office. After nearly a quarter of a century of waiting, Fulgencio sees the news he’s been hoping for: his nemesis, the husband of Carolina Mendelssohn, has died.

    A work of magical realism, The Resurrection of Fulgencio Ramirez weaves together the past and present as Fulgencio strives to succeed in America, break a mystical family curse, and win back Carolina’s love after their doomed youthful romance. Through enchanting language and meditations about the porous nature of borders—cultural, geographic, and otherworldly—The Resurrection of Fulgencio Ramirez offers a vision of how the past has divided us, and how the future could unite us.