Adrian J. Smith

Adrian J. Smith
  • To survive hell, you must make a deal with the devil …

    In a city of thirty million, Ryan Connors thought he could vanish into the shadows and escape his old life to grieve the loss of his wife and son. But when the young daughter of one of his closest friends is kidnapped, he must reunite with his former extraction and recon team—The Nameless— and find those responsible.

    As Ryan and his team begin to unravel a deep, macabre plot that goes far beyond a missing girl, they quickly realize that it threatens the entire world. With the clock ticking and choices limited, The Nameless begin a desperate fight to fulfill their oath of being the beacons in the darkness.

    With enemies from the past reemerging, the agents of LK3 will be tested in ways unimaginable as they fight to stop the sinister plan that could doom humanity to an apocalyptic future.

  • Extinction New Zealand returns in the much-anticipated fourth novel of the bestselling series.

    Welcome to New Zealand: golden beaches, forest-covered mountains, pristine water and exotic bird life. A safe, friendly place to raise your family.

    Not anymore.

    All that was before the Hemorrhage Virus decimated the population. Before the survivors fled to the islands to escape the new and terrifying apex predators—the Variants. That was before Operation Utu launched to reclaim their land.

    Ten years have passed since they took back their country. Ten years of hope, rebuilding and surviving. But while Jack, Dee, and the Renegades focused on creating a new, better civilization, evil was busy too. And evil doesn’t forget.

    While away on a mission, Jack is shocked to learn that Dee and their son Marco have been kidnapped by unknown foes. As he races to locate them, the home they sacrificed so much for comes under attack by one of their own. Now the clock is ticking to keep their sanctuary from collapsing forever.

  • One city. Nine operatives. Millions of possible threats …

    The Nameless are no more. Former agent Sofia Ortiz must put aside her grief and form a new team—Arclight. After discovering damning intel, General Munroe dispatches them on a recon mission to Hong Kong, in the heart of enemy territory.

    Zanzi Connors, despondent over the mystery of her missing parents and burdened by guilt, hesitantly agrees to join. With the clock ticking and choices limited, Arclight begins a desperate fight to fulfill their oath of being the beacon in a world of darkness.

    This operation will test the new agents of LK3 in ways unimaginable as they unveil a sinister plan that could doom humanity to an apocalyptic future.

  • In war, the true self is revealed …

    Injured and shaken, Ryan Connors and the Nameless are trapped at a former NSA listening station in the Aleutian Islands. To escape, they must put aside their distrust and launch an operation needed to halt OPIS from completing what they started—unrestricted dominion.

    In Oregon, Zanzi Connors and Director Lisa Omstead have reunited to search for the one person who could provide the answers they seek, Doctor Josie Lahm, the scientist responsible for creating the technology that has caused so much suffering. But the enemy will do anything to protect their asset.

    With options running low, new allies and old adversaries must come together in the pivotal battle for the fate of humanity.

  • To survive hell, you must make a deal with the devil …

    In the aftermath of a global catastrophe that has killed billions, old enemies become allies in order to survive. When Ryan Connors and his former recon team, the Nameless, form an alliance with the Yakuza, they learn of a new plot that could lead to countless more deaths. Armed with this knowledge, and driven by revenge, Ryan and his team launch a desperate bid to stop OPIS from executing their plans to destroy the world.

    In America, prisoner Zanzi Connors is offered a way out and a chance to find her father and join the fight. But her freedom comes at a cost, forcing her to do something that goes against everything she believes—take another life.

    Like father, like daughter, even though they are separated by fate, Ryan and Zanzi are bonded by a common mission to save humanity—no matter what the personal cost, even if it means their own lives.

  • You can give up killing, but death never leaves you …

    After a lifetime of hunting down criminals, Ryan just wants to live out his days in peace and in the shadows of Tokyo to grieve the loss of his wife and son. But his old team—the Nameless, experts in extraction and recon—comes with an urgent request for help. The young daughter of one of his closest friends, a girl he once treated as his own, has been kidnapped.

    The search leads Ryan and his team into the Japanese mountains and a town steeped in secrets that a new sinister adversary wishes to keep hidden. He begins to unravel a deep, macabre plot that goes far beyond this missing girl. With enemies from the past reemerging, they begin targeting members of the Nameless. Ryan quickly realizes that no matter how hard he tries to leave this world behind, it will never let him go until he defeats his demons. Those demons are not just after him, and if they aren’t stopped, it could put all of humanity at risk.

  • Would you risk it all the save your family?

    Living in New Zealand, Jack Gee thought he was safe. The beautiful, isolated country had always provided a sense of security. When a virus begins to spread across the globe, he is on a hiking trip in the mountains, blissfully unaware. A desperate message from his wife Dee alerts him to the viral threat that turns humans into apex predators with one purpose—to kill.

    The country collapses as Jack races to get home, and when he finally does make it out of the mountains he finds his peaceful life has been shattered. Banding with other survivors, they all must quickly learn how to survive in this new world.

    In the fight to stay alive, friendship and family will be tested and new alliances formed. But dangerous new enemies emerge in the war for the future of the country, and the world.

  • Can anything or anyone stop the evil?

    Lost. Trapped. Chased by monsters and sent on a crazy mission. Not exactly what Jack Gee had in mind when he used to daydream about the apocalypse.

    Seven months after the Hemorrhage Virus swept across the world Jack, his wife Dee, friend Boss and the Renegades, a ragtag collection of civilian and military personnel, have been sent on two missions. Jack likes the first. Recon. The second is insane. Re-enter the laboratory they barely escaped from a few months back and retrieve a logbook, a logbook that could provide the cure to end the madness.

    Through the chaos, old friendships are tested and new alliances are formed, but new and dangerous enemies emerge in the fight for the future of New Zealand.

  • What would you do to survive the apocalypse?

    Jack Gee, hiking the New Zealand mountains, is blissfully unaware of the Hemorrhage virus sweeping the world. A desperate message from his wife Dee alerts him, and he must return to Hamilton. On the way, he is captured by flesh-eating Variants and taken to their meat locker. To escape, he will need to draw on all his experience as an outdoorsman, but first he must find the will to survive.

    Surrounded by Variants, Dee is trapped in her Hamilton basement with a group of survivors. With Jack missing, and dwindling food supplies, she must leave the basement, her only defense a Katana.

    The nightmare has just begun. Will they find each other in the chaos?

  • Would you risk it all to save your family?

    The Hemorrhage Virus tore through America and swept the globe, leaving no country untouched. New Zealand was no exception. Those infected mutated into monsters, monsters that became known as Variants.

    Seven weeks have passed since Jack and Dee’s quiet world shattered. Along with a small band of survivors, they fled to Mayor Island. Determined to help stem the Variant scourge, they volunteer for what remains of the army. Led by Captain Ben Johns, a grizzly retired NZ SAS soldier, they are sent on a dangerous mission to rescue a scientist. They must call on all their skills and courage to overcome a deadly foe.

    They thought the worst was over, but humanity’s fight for the future of mankind has just begun. Evil forces have a score to settle with the survivors in New Zealand.