Hugh Lofting

Hugh Lofting
  • Dr. Dolittle has a deep love of animals, and he wants to give them all a home—but this scares all of his human patients away. So Dr. Dolittle’s parrot decides to teach him how to talk to animals. After learning the secret language, Dr. Dolittle becomes a veterinarian.

    Poor Dr. Dolittle always has money problems, but when he learns of a monkey epidemic in Africa, he has to help. In gratitude, Dr. Dolittle is given a rare creature who is part unicorn. But on the way home … they run into pirates! Does Dr. Dolittle make it home safely? What happens to his animal friends? This classic story will hold you spellbound to the end.

  • The good Doctor Dolittle, accompanied by his devoted animal friends, sets sail once again. This time it is a voyage of discovery to learn the secret of the Shellfish language—and to teach Tommy Stubbins, the doctor’s young protégé, all there is to know about animals and their languages. The jolly party meets with more adventures than they had anticipated, including a shipwreck, a floating island, and a journey undersea in the Great Glass Sea Snail.

    Winner of the Newbery Award for “the most distinguished contribution to children’s literature in any single year.”

  • Doctor Dolittle, a little, lovable old doctor, had so many animal pets spread throughout his house and garden that patients would not come to him anymore. As a result, he became poorer and poorer.

    But Doctor Dolittle occupied nearly all of his time tending to his pets, and his fame as an animal doctor spread all over the world. When the monkeys in Africa were stricken with an epidemic, they gave the good doctor a call. He set sail at once.

    The adventures during his magnificent journey across the ocean, through the high kingdom of the Jolliginki and back again by way of the Canaries, combine to form a story filled with delight.

    An enduring classic, it will dazzle and delight readers young and old.